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Glenetta Turner-Pope


Born in Los Angeles... Born in Los Angeles and raised in East Oakland, Glenetta returned to Southern California over 20 years ago to pursue her career in education. Her passion lies in education as she is the product of Oakland Public Schools. She returned to LA after her educational studies at UC Berkeley(B.A. in Sociology and minor in African American Studies) and Harvard (Education - Teaching and Curriculum.) In 2012 she earned her Masters in Educational Leadership at Cal State Dominguez Hills. She has dedicated her career to the field of education as a teacher, founding charter principal and educational consultant. She is currently working on completing her book, My Life in Short Stories and serving as an educational consultant for new schools and independent schools. On Sundays you will find her serving the children at The Rock Church. She also blogs through medium and weebly. Her most fulfilling role is loving and raising her four children ages 15, 13, 10 and 8. Glenetta was one of the speakers for the inaugural TEDx Crenshaw in 2015. Her talk was entitled “Education Changes Lives.” Since then, she has served on the TEDx organizing team.

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Iddris Sandu

Gen Z: Plan A

Iddris is an architect... Iddris is an architect of life who believes we can affect the world through great design and cultural innovation. From learning Java at the age of 10 to developing the First Smart Stores using advanced imaging processing systems, this award-winning innovator is one example of the power of nurturing a child’s talents. Iddris was born and raised in Harbor City, CA with parents form Ghana, West Africa. Now at the age of 21, Iddris has built a resume working with various companies, artists, and professionals implementing his “future-proof” like qualities in his projects. The Wireless Changing Table, Lifestyle One Wearable, and Uber Self-Driving Cars to name a few are some of his personal favorites. Will.I.Am says, “he’s revolutionizing the way technology is created and used.”

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Chelsea Solomita

Disruptive Design: The Cannibus Industry

A User Experience Des... A User Experience Designer with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and certificates in UX Design and Software Product Management. She is a passionate problem solver driven by her desire to tackle real issues with creative, wholistic human-centered solutions.

Krischa Eimg

Krischa D. Esquivel

The Power of Reciprocity in Parenting

Krischa Esquivel is... Krischa Esquivel is a sought after expert in the field of field of Early Care and Education and has working in a variety of capacities in the non-profit sector for over 20 years. She is the author of Losing Control, A Guide To Successful Non-Violent Parenting which highlights her passion for bringing education and alternative parenting methods. Krischa is active in the community and sits on the Board of Directors for a charter school in the San Fernando Valley.

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Rayo Cole

Hidden Secrets: Eating Disorders

Rayo Cole is a... Rayo Cole is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, recording artist and motivational speaker. She is the owner of celebrity wig line for T.V and Film, “Rayo Cole Hair” and founder of the “My Song” organization (in conjunction with the Make-A-Wish Foundation) that helps children with illnesses and challenging circumstances fulfill their dream of becoming recording artists. She is a motivational speaker and created and operates a self-esteem, anti-bullying program for preteens, teens and young adults. Rayo is also a recording artist, singer-songwriter, producer who works and collaborates with many major record labels and production companies.

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Dr. Bill Releford, D.P.M.

Dr. Releford is a... Dr. Releford is a Podiatric Surgeon in Los Angeles specializing in diabetic amputation prevention. Because his mother passed away from diabetic complications. He has made the fight against diabetes his career and “personal assignment.” Dr. Releford launched the Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program. The program has screened over 30,000 men in over 750 black owned barbershops in over 50 cities. Dr. Releford authored the book 5 Colors A Day to Better Health. His community outreach efforts have been highlighted in Black Enterprise, THE VIEW and more.

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Dana Hammond

Preparing Scholars for the Future of Work

I am a Creative Entrepre... I am a Creative Entrepreneur who is re creating a version of the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920's.

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Autumn Breon Williams

South Los Angeles to South Africa: The Physics of Changemaking

Autumn is a Stanford... Autumn is a Stanford Aeronautics & Astronautics graduate. The only Black woman in her cohort, Autumn founded STEMgineers, a STEM-focused, Watts-based afterschool program that scaled to three cities. Frustrated with the perception of her home as merely a recipient of solutions, she adapted her community organizing & academic curricula for communities in Haiti, India, & South Africa. Autumn is E.D. of African School for Excellence. ASE offers a world class education that is affordable enough for families who earn $6/day. She has shared her work as a storyteller at venues including The Aspen Institute, Georgetown, & the Smithsonian Institution.

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Lianca Lyons

Lianca Lyons... Lianca Lyons was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder II in 2013. Through medication, therapy, AND Jesus; self-reflection, personal growth, and determination, she found her way to living in peace and harmony. She believes the crisis of mental health for men and women of color, especially as an African-American Christian woman, is an epidemic that goes unaddressed, uneducated, and is simply "prayed away”. She began sharing her mental health journey as a platform to give hope through shared experiences to those who struggle with any form of mental illness. She created “For Mental Clarity” as a life example that the small things you consistently do everyday can add up to make a big difference every day. She made a commitment to God that she would share her journey through life's ups and downs, failures and victories, that through diligence, self-care, self advocacy, and the grace of God, it is possible to live a balanced, healthy, and happy life.